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''A New studying of the Animal Apocalypse of one Enoch'' deals a whole theological research of this second-century BCE allegory and makes use of this because the foundation for a brand new observation at the textual content, provided in a clean translation

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Apoc. (4Q206 5 ii 16; cf. Nickelsburg, 1 Enoch 1, 403) only makes it harder to explain why Aramaic “leader” would be read as Hebrew “word” in 90:38. 18 Lindars seems unaware that Charles had already anticipated the gist of his solution. See n. 53 above. 19 Lindars, “A Bull, a Lamb and a Word,” 485–486. 20 Tiller, A Commentary, 275. 21 Tiller, A Commentary, 387 (“the allusion is not that elusive”). 23 In other words, the gift offered by the Greek translator was not missed: it was declined. Third, some of Lindars’ own arguments are poorly considered and open up his otherwise attractive solution to unnecessary criticism.

J. J. 365–372 (367). 14 Assefa, “The Enigmatic End,” 559–560. , 560. 16 Ibid. 24 chapter one does not solve the problem. Why did the editor add such a small amount of material that considerable imagination is still needed to flesh the passage out into a coherent Antichrist narrative? Most of the other proposals are problematic as well. Although it continues to be popular, Dillmann’s suggestion does not explain why a Greek translator would transliterate rather than translate a common biblical animal name, and Goldschmidt’s and Torrey’s suggestions require a normal animal name to be mistaken twice in the same sentence for a different word that would be far more unusual in context.

810). 22 chapter one An. Apoc. expects “Israel” as a distinctive political or ethnic category to evaporate in the Eschaton. How does this remarkable circumstance come about? The text is far from explicit on this point, but the mysterious white bull who appears in 90:37 seems to play a central role. 2. The Focus of the Allegory: Eschatological Transformation a. The nagar of 1En 90:38 If the scope of the allegory is universal, the focus seems to be on an eschatological event, a transformation that makes this world salvation a reality.

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