Padmasambhava, Jamgon Mipham, The Padmakara Translation's A Garland of Views: A Guide to View, Meditation, and Result PDF

By Padmasambhava, Jamgon Mipham, The Padmakara Translation Group

ISBN-10: 1611802962

ISBN-13: 9781611802962

A center textual content of the Nyingma culture of Tibetan Buddhism, offered in English for the 1st time, with observation by means of Jamgön Mipham, one of many Nyingma tradition's such a lot lucid and extraordinary minds.

A concise observation via the eighth-century Indian Buddhist grasp Padmasambhava on a bankruptcy from the Guhyagarbha Tantra, which provides an outline of the various Buddhist and non-Buddhist philosophical perspectives, together with the good Perfection (Dzogchen), with an explicative statement through the nineteenth-century student Jamgön Mipham (1846-1912). Padmasambhava's textual content is a center textual content of the Nyingma culture since it offers the foundation for the method of 9 automobiles (three sutra cars and 6 tantra autos) that therefore grew to become the authorised manner of classifying the several Buddhist paths within the Nyingma culture. Mipham's statement is the only most ordinarily used to clarify Padmasambhava's instructing. Mipham is celebrated for his prolific, lucid, and unique writings on many topics, together with technology, medication, and philosophy, as well as Tibetan Buddhist perform and idea.

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The view of those individuals who have engaged in the Listener Vehicle—that is, the appropriate path that enables them to attain the listeners’ goal—comprises the philosophical tenets that have been established with wisdom and in which they accordingly have definite faith. This is taught here in terms of three aspects: view, meditation, and result. In terms of philosophical view, the views of the non- Buddhist eternalistic extremists and others are conceptual imputations concerning the whole of phenomena—that is, the aggregates, elements, and senses-and-fields.

Theirs is the lowest of views, for it is impossible to get any lower. It could be argued that since they do not follow a path, it is inappropriate to say that they have a view. However, because their minds are saturated with ignorance, their “view” is in fact a state of not having any understanding. Consequently, when one is establishing the proper view, their position is something to be rejected. In this respect, while most beings cling to substantial existence and abide by the view of the transitory composite,7 on account of their feeble thinking and understanding, they consider cause and result to be real and are oppressed by the gloom of their view in which nothing is specifically analyzed.

One then meditates on this. As it is said in the tantra: The vajra aggregates Are known as the five perfect buddhas. All the many senses-and-fields Are the maṇḍala of bodhisattvas. Earth is Locanā, water Māmakī, Fire is Pāṅḍaravāsinī, wind is Tārā, And space Dhātvīśvarī. The three worlds are pure from the beginning. The phenomena of saṃsāra and nirvāṇa are unborn from the beginning, yet they appear in the manner of illusions, capable of functioning, and having the nature, since the beginning, of the ten male and female buddhas and so on.

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