4–Aminobenzenesulfonamides. 6-Membered Heterocyclic by A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos PDF

By A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos

ISBN-10: 008034710X

ISBN-13: 9780080347103

Certainly one of 3 volumes which jointly disguise all said solubility info for a massive pharmaceutical classification: the sulfonamides. a data of solubility facts is worthy in all pharmaceutical examine. released solubility facts for the name compounds were compiled and severely evaluated, leading to prompt solubility values which practicing scientists might use with self belief. every one quantity comprises structural formulae and molecular weight info for the compounds lined, comfortably grouped jointly

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5 h. soins were filtered, weighed The purity of disulfan was not specified. The The satd ESTIMATED measurements were repeated until 2 values not differing in the second decimal were obtained (authors). 1°C and the solvent was distd off, the residues were dried at ο 105 C, weighed, examd for the presence of solvated acetone. ERROR: Soly: REFERENCES: (authors) 7 COMPONENTS : (1) ORIGINAL Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-4[(aminosulfonyl)phenyl]-, monohydrochloride (disulfan-HCl); C H N S , H ; C 1 77400 69 2 12 13 3°4 2 C " - ] (2) 2-Propanone [67-64-1] (acetone); MEASUREMENTS: Gutierrez, F.

09 m m o l d m " No soin (pH details 3 solution. INFORMATION SOURCE AND PURITY OF in t h e aq diazotization. at 37°C Comm available MATERIALS: sulfapyridine supplied. Deionized water was ESTIMATED used. ; Chem, Pharm. Bull. 2417-26. R. ; Kamada, A. [7732-18-5] VARIABLES : One MEASUREMENTS: specified. (authors). was used as 32 COMPONENTS : (1) ORIGINAL Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-2pyridinyl- (sulfapyridine); C1 H 1 1 N 1 30 2S ; J. [144-83-2] (2) Sodium hydroxide; NaOH; (3) Water; H 20 ; MEASUREMENTS: Rose, F.

1938, 60, 2222-4. [7732-18-5] VARIABLES : PREPARED BY: R. 54 3 a a Calculated by compiler AUXILIARY METHOD/APPARATUS/PROCEDURE : Nothing specified. INFORMATION SOURCE A N D PURITY OF M A T E R I A L S : The Na disulfan monohydrate was prepd by the authors and purified by recrystn from coned aq soin with use of activated charcoal. 35% Na. 2% Purity of the water was not specified. ESTIMATED ERROR: Nothing specified. REFERENCES: IUP36-B* 10 COMPONENTS : ORIGINAL MEASUREMENTS: (1) Acetamide, [4-[[[4-(aminosulfonyl)phenyl} Gutierrez, F.

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4–Aminobenzenesulfonamides. 6-Membered Heterocyclic Substituents and Miscellaneous Systems by A. N. Paruta, R. Piekos

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